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Delicious recipes and tradition makes best breakfast!


Maria’s Luncheonette has served Atlantic City and its visitors for more than 25 years, always preserving the best recipes and quality in each of our delicious dishes. This has been confirmed year after year by the residents of Atlantic City as well as its visitors. We are proud of the name Maria’s Luncheonette stands for, which is already part of Atlantic City’s culinary history and tradition.

Welcome, to the house of the complete breakfast!

Maria's Luncheonette - Best in Atlantic City

Come and enjoy our delicious menu in our cozy place, in a family atmosphere. We are ready to welcome you from 8 AM. The delicious smell of our food will guide you.

Open: 8:00 AM

Closed: 2:00 PM

Last person sitting: 1:30 PM

Call us and place your order for pick-up, remember that depending on the day and time we have many diners who want to enjoy our delicious food, so if you order it in advance it is much better, so you do not have to wait.

Phone: (609) 347 - 9300

2319 Atlantic Avenue

Average Prep Time: 35 mins.

You can use any of our APPs to request your food delivered to your home or wherever you are in Atlantic City.

At Maria’s Luncheonette we always think about your comfort.

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Best breakfast in Atlantic City

Best Recipes

Maria’s Luncheonette with all the best recipes and secrets of traditional Atlantic City cuisine at your service. Come and enjoy them.

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Tradition and experience in each of our platters, we have served for years and we’re proud to be the house of the complete breakfast in Atlantic City.